Maple Lane Kennels, Inc.
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Dear Maple Lane Kennels Staff,
Thank you for the wonderful care you gave to our cat Gabriel during the times he was there over the past fourteen months when we had to be out of town. If it hadn't been for you keeping him on the medications for his cardiomyopathy, we doubt he'd have survived those months he enjoyed after being diagnosed. It is so comforting to know you all found him as sweet and brave as we always have. We miss him deeply, but his memory will always be with us.
Thank you once again,
Mrs. K

Maple Lane Kennels,
Thanks you for all of your loving care of my dog, Duffy. It seems this summer is full of surprises. Thank you for understanding my schedule changes. I look forward to using your kennels in the future.

Hello Midge,
Kudos to your staff who handled “Duke” for his recent bath. They were incredible, fearless, and obviously gentle with him. His time there was only 1 hours and he wasn’t one bit upset about the visit. He bounced out of your location like a happy, clean dog. Best part…a week or two later, he’s barely shedding. Thank you…more than you know. We’ll definitely be back. P.S. Duke thanks you too.

Thanks for your hospitality. The only way we could have enjoyed ourselves more….is if we had stayed a little longer. Thanks for taking good care of us while we were on vacation!!! See you in August!
Hershey and Natchez

Midge, Gale and Staff,
We wanted to say thank you all so much for taking such good care of us. We will miss you all.
Kid and Runt

Midge and Staff,
Thank you for taking such good care of our kids! It's good to know that they were so well taken care of when we were out of town.

Dear Ladies,
Thank you very much for taking such good care of me while I stayed with you. Even though I missed my mom and dad, you made me feel welcome. My mom says I'll be coming back again.
Luv, Pete

I thought it was so sweet of you to call me and tell me that Chief was doing good. I really was wondering about how he was adjusting to his new surroundings. Thanks so much for taking good care of him. I'll be sure and recommend your kennel to others.
Thanks, Carolyn

Dear Midge and Julie,
I wanted to let you both know how much I appreciate all that you do for Dakota! I thank you for all of the times you bring her home and also all of the time you keep her there at the kennel for safekeeping. I especially appreciated your keeping her during Heather's graduation party. By the way Midge, ask ANY favor of me! It’s yours!
Thank you Thank you, Sherry

Dear Midge and staff,
Thanks for taking such good care of Hershey. It was good of you to call her vet and get her medicine. A lot of people wouldn’t have bothered. I really appreciate your kindness.
Phyllis P.S. She seems to be doing fine.

The Big of us, the small of us, the short of us, the tall of us…thanks for taking such good care of us. Mom and Dad didn’t have to worry about us.
Nija and Honey

Dear Midge,
I just wanted to drop you a note of “thanks” for the information about English Setters – and the website to learn about dog shows. I so appreciate your taking time to talk with me on the phone. We'll let you know how everything goes.

Mrs. B and staff,
Thank you for taking such good care of us, while we were on vacation. We look forward to our stay with you. Thanks again for your hard work.
Jerry and Brenda

Thank you so very much for rescuing our pet when she ran away. We were so relieved to hear she had been picked up, especially with us being so far away at the time. We are grateful for all of your efforts.
Kimba’s family

My name is “Heidi.”My parent was told that you loved cats. I have all my shots and am declawed in the front. I go to the litter box and am very friendly and affectionate. Please give me a good home. Please do not take me to the pound. I am part Saimese and have pretty blue eyes. Thank you!

Thank you for making us look so beautiful!
Love, Bonnie and Clyde
Midge, Just would like to say thank you for what you do. The puppies
come home so happy and they are so clean from your grooming. Thanks again for caring for them. We all appreciate it. Ted
Hi Midge, Hugo is always as happy to arrive at Maple Lane Kennels as he is to see us when we pick him up. We know ( and so does he, apparently) that he's not only in caring, professional hands there, he also has a good time. Hugo is a much better behaved dog since we worked with trainer, Vicki Kudla. She is tuned into animals and incredibly patient with owners. We made more progress in four sessions with her, thank we had in a year on our own.
Midge, I wanted to let you know how awesome Boscoe, our golden, looks! I think this is the nicest he's looked!! Thank you so much!